Cloud Disaster Recovery

Protect on-premises business systems and data in a cloud purpose-built for total business continuity.

DR Overview

The purpose of cloud disaster recovery is nearly identical to that of traditional disaster recovery: to secure important corporate resources and guarantee that those resources can be accessed and recovered in order to resume regular business activities. Any business continuity (BC) strategy must include disaster recovery (DR). Traditional DR alternatives were confined to local DR and second-site installations before the introduction of cloud connection and self-service technology. Local disaster relief was not always effective in preventing calamities such as fires, floods, and earthquakes.

Cloud Disaster
Recovery Solutions

After a disaster, Cloud disaster and recovery lets you swiftly restore your organization’s important systems and gives you remote access to your systems.

AWS Cloud DR

AWS facilitates organizations in operating disaster recovery strategies that ensure rapid recovery of IT infrastructure and data

Azure Cloud DR

Azure DR solution provides data backup, protects major IT systems, minimizes downtime and decreases disaster recovery costs.

Google Cloud DR

GCP provides affordable and efficient enterprise-grade disaster recovery for physical, virtual and cloud-based systems and applications.

Benefits of Cloud
Disaster Recovery

Mission-critical data can be kept off-site

Data can be recovered and production restarted within the stipulated recovery parameters.

Disks, back-up tapes can be eliminated

There is no need to maintain daily back-ups using disks, tapes etc.

Easily implemented with high reliability

Restore from the cloud has reliability equal to or greater than 99%.


Data is stored in the cloud, associated hardware is eliminated, leading to lower capital costs.

Getting You Backup
And Running

A hardware or software failure of your critical IT systems can be a business-ending proposition. Likewise, many organizations are challenged with the costs involved in purchasing and maintaining additional storage infrastructure. Cloud disaster recovery may be the perfect answer for you. An effective Cloud disaster recovery solution can help you ensure continuity of services and a cost-effective failover in the case of any hardware or software failure.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud service solution’s goal is continually improving the customer service and offering them world-class cloud management service. We will help you to solve the most complex cloud management complication. 

Cloud Operation

We help put up the building blocks for a digital enterprise with various cloud infra like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and several others.

Cloud Consulting

We helps you with problem management, monitoring, security, and performance of cloud based application.

Cloud Migration

CloudExperts cloud migration services help to reduce physical resource requirements and increase productivity . 

Cloud Modernization

CloudExperts Modernize services are the cornerstone of modern application and cloud infrastructure.