AWS Cloud Services


  1. EC2 – Virtual Servers in the Cloud
  2. EC2 Auto Scaling – Scale compute capacity to meet demand
  3. Lightsail – Launch and Manage Virtual Private Servers
  4. App Runner – Build and run production web applications at scale
  5. Batch – Fully managed batch processing at any scale
  6. EC2 Image Builder – A managed service to automate build, customize and deploy OS images
  7. Elastic Beanstalk – Run and Manage Web Apps
  8. Lambda – Run Code without Thinking about Servers
  9. Local Zones – Run latency sensitive applications on a Local Zone
  10. Outposts – Run AWS Services on Premises
  11. Serverless Application Repository – Assemble, deploy, and share serverless applications
  12. SimSpace Weaver – Build and run large-scale spatial simulations
  13. Wavelength – Deliver ultra-low latency applications for 5G devices
  14. VMware Cloud on AWS – Build a hybrid cloud without custom hardware


  1. Elastic Container Registry (ECR) – Store and manage Docker images
  2. Elastic Container Service (ECS) – Run and manage Docker containers
  3. ECS Anywhere – Run containers on customer-managed infrastructure
  4. Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) – The most trusted way to run Kubernetes
  5. EKS Anywhere – Kubernetes on your infrastructure
  6. EKS Distro – Run consistent Kubernetes clusters
  7. App2Container – Containerize and migrate existing applications
  8. App Runner – Build and run containerized web apps at scale
  9. Copilot – Easily deploy and operate containerized applications
  10. Fargate – Serverless compute for containers
  11. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS – Fully managed Red Hat OpenShift service on AWS


  1. Aurora – High performance managed relational database
  2. Aurora Serverless V2 – Instantly scale to >100,000 transactions per second
  3. DocumentDB – Fully-managed MongoDB-compatible database service
  4. DynamoDB – Managed NoSQL Database
  5. ElastiCache – In-Memory Cache
  6. Keyspaces – Serverless Cassandra-compatible database
  7. MemoryDB for Redis – Fully managed, Redis-compatible, in-memory database service
  8. Neptune – Fast, reliable graph database built for the cloud
  9. QLDB – Fully managed ledger database
  10. RDS – Managed RDS for MySQL, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server and Aurora
  11. RDS on Outposts – Automate on-premises database management
  12. Timestream – Amazon Timestream is a fast, scalable, and serverless time series database for IoT and operational applications.
  13. Timestream – Fully managed time series database
  14. Database Migration Service – Migrate databases with minimal downtime


  1. Amazon S3 – Scalable storage in the Cloud
  2. Elastic Block Store (EBS) – EC2 block storage volumes
  3. Glacier – Low-cost archive storage in the Cloud
  4. Snowball – Petabyte-scale data Transport
  5. Storage Gateway – Integrates on-premises IT environments with Cloud storage
  6. Elastic File System (EFS) – Fully managed file system for EC2
  7. Backup – Centralized backup across Amazon Web Services
  8. Elastic Disaster Recovery (DRS) – Scalable, cost-effective application recovery to AWS
  9. File Cache – High-speed cache for datasets stored anywhere
  10. FSx for Windows File Server – Fully managed Windows native file system
  11. FSx for Lustre – High-performance file system integrated with S3
  12. FSx for NetApp ONTAP – Fully managed storage built on NetApp’s popular ONTAP file system
  13. FSx for OpenZFS – Fully managed storage built on the popular OpenZFS file system

Networking & Content Delivery

  1. VPC – Isolated cloud resources
  2. VPC Lattice – Simplify service-to-service connectivity, security, and monitoring
  3. Route 53 – Scalable domain name system (DNS)
  4. Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) – Distribute incoming traffic across multiple targets
  5. CloudFront – Fast, highly secure and programmable content delivery network (CDN)
  6. Cloud WAN – Easily build, manage, and monitor global wide area networks
  7. Direct Connect – Dedicated network connection to Amazon Web Services
  8. Private 5G – Easily deploy, manage, and scale a private cellular network
  9. Private Link – Securely access services hosted on Amazon Web Services
  10. Transit Gateway – Easily scale VPC and account connections
  11. Verified Access – Provide secure access to corporate applications without a VPN
  12. VPN – Securely access your network resources
  13. Cloud Map – Service discovery for cloud resources
  14. App Mesh – Application-level networking for all your services
  15. Global Accelerator – Application’s availability and performance using the AWS Global Network
  16. VPC IP Address Manager – Managed IP address management service

Security, Identity, & Compliance

  1. Artifact – AWS Compliance Reports and Agreements
  2. Audit Manager – Continuously assess controls for risk and compliance
  3. Private Certificate Authority – Create private certificates to identify resources and protect data
  4. Certificate Manager – Provision, Manage, and Deploy SSL/TLS Certificates
  5. CloudHSM – Managed Hardware Security Modules in the Cloud
  6. Cognito – Consumer Identity Management and AWS Credentials for Federated Identities
  7. Detective – Investigate and analyze potential security issues
  8. Directory Service – Host and Manage Active Directory
  9. Firewall Manager – Central management of firewall rules
  10. GuardDuty – Intelligent Threat Detection to Protect Your AWS Accounts and Workloads
  11. IAM – Manage access to AWS resources
  12. Inspector – Analyze Application Security
  13. Key Management Service – Securely Generate and Manage AWS Encryption Keys
  14. Amazon Macie – Amazon Macie classifies and secures your business-critical content.
  15. Network Firewall – AWS Network Firewall
  16. Payment Cryptography – Simplify cryptography operations
  17. Resource Access Manager – Share AWS resources with other accounts or AWS Organizations
  18. Secrets Manager – Easily rotate, manage, and retrieve secrets throughout their lifecycle
  19. Security Hub – AWS Security Hub is AWS’s security and compliance center
  20. Security Lake – Automatically centralize your security data with a few clicks
  21. Verified Permissions – Fine-grained permissions and authorization for your applications
  22. Signer – Ensuring trust and integrity of your code
  23. Single Sign-On – Manage Single Sign-On (SSO) Access to AWS Accounts and Business Applications
  24. IAM Identity Center – Manage single sign-on access to AWS accounts and apps
  25. WAF – Web Application Firewall
  26. Shield – Protects Against DDoS Attacks and Malicious Web Traffic

Developer Tools

  1. CodeCatalyst – Unified software development service for faster develop
  2. CodeGuru – Find your most expensive lines of code
  3. Corretto – Production-ready distribution of OpenJDK
  4. CodeWhisperer – Build apps faster with ML-powered coding companion
  5. Cloud Control API – Manage Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure with consistent APIs
  6. Cloud Development Kit (CDK) – Model cloud infrastructure using code
  7. Cloud9 – A Cloud IDE for Writing, Running, and Debugging Code
  8. CloudShell – A browser-based shell with AWS CLI access from the AWS Management Console
  9. CodeArtifact – Secure, scalable, and cost-effective artifact management for software development
  10. CodeBuild – Build and test code
  11. CodeCommit – Store code in private Git repositories
  12. CodeDeploy – Automate code deployments
  13. CodePipeline – Automate continuous delivery pipelines for fast and reliable updates
  14. CodeStar – Quickly develop, build, and deploy applications
  15. Command Line Interface – Unified tool to manage AWS services
  16. Device Farm – Test Android, iOS, and web apps on real devices in the AWS cloud
  17. Fault Injection Simulator – Fully managed fault injection service
  18. Serverless Application Model – Build serverless applications in simple and clean syntax
  19. Tools and SDKs – Tools and SDKs for AWS
  20. X-Ray – Analyze and debug your applications
  21. FIS – Improve resiliency and performance with controlled experiments.


  1. Athena – Query Data in S3 using SQL
  2. CloudSearch – Managed Search Service
  3. DataZone – Unlock data across organizational boundaries
  4. OpenSearch Service – Run and Scale OpenSearch and Elasticsearch Clusters
  5. EMR – Managed Hadoop Framework
  6. FinSpace – Store, catalog, prepare, and analyze financial industry data
  7. Kinesis – Work with Real-Time Streaming Data
  8. Managed Apache Flink – Fully managed and secure service for Apache Flink
  9. MSK – Fully managed, highly available, and secure service for Apache Kafka
  10. Redshift – Fast, Simple, Cost-Effective Data Warehousing
  11. QuickSight – Fast, easy to use business analytics
  12. AWS Clean Rooms – Collaborate on collective datasets without sharing underlying raw data
  13. Data Exchange – Easily exchange data in the cloud
  14. Data Pipeline – Orchestration for Data-Driven Workflows
  15. Glue – AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL (extract, transform, and load) service
  16. Glue DataBrew – Visual data preparation tool to clean and normalize data for analytics and machine learning
  17. Lake Formation – AWS Lake Formation makes it easy to set up a secure data lake

Application Integration

  1. Step Functions – Coordinate Distributed Applications
  2. AppFlow – Amazon AppFlow integrates apps and automates data flows without code.
  3. EventBridge – Serverless event bus that connects application data from your own apps, SaaS, and AWS services
  4. Managed Apache Airflow – Run Apache Airflow without provisioning or managing servers.
  5. MQ – Managed message broker service for Apache ActiveMQ and RabbitMQ
  6. Simple Notification Service – SNS managed message topics for Pub/Sub
  7. Simple Queue Service – SQS Managed Message Queues
  8. SWF – Workflow Service for Coordinating Application Components
  9. AppSync – Power your apps with the right data from many sources at scale

Cloud Financial Management

  1. Cost Explorer – Visualize and Explore Your AWS Costs and Usage
  2. Billing Conductor – Simplifying billing practice
  3. Budget – Set Custom Budgets and Receive Alerts
  4. Cost and Usage Report – Access comprehensive cost and usage information
  5. Reserved Instance Reporting – Dive deeper into your reserved instances (RIs)
  6. Savings Plans – Save up to 72% on compute usage with flexible pricing
  7. Application Cost Profiler – Cost per tenant and workload
  8. Billing – Access, analyze, and control AWS costs and usage
  9. Calculator – AWS Pricing Calculator lets you explore AWS services
  10. Marketplace Subscriptions – Digital catalog where you can find, buy, and deploy software

Migration & Transfer

  1. Server Migration Service – Migrate on-premises servers to Amazon Web Services
  2. Application Migration Service (MGN) – AWS Application Migration Service (MGN) automates lift-and-shift migration.
  3. Application Discovery Service – Discover on-premises application inventory and dependencies
  4. Database Migration Service – Migrate databases with minimal downtime
  5. Snowball – Petabyte-scale data transport
  6. Snow Family – Large Scale Data Transport
  7. Transfer Family – Fully managed SFTP, FTPS, and FTP service
  8. DataSync – DataSync simplifies, automates, and accelerates moving data
  9. Mainframe Modernization – Mainframe Modernization
  10. Migration Hub – Simplify and accelerate the migration of your data centers to AWS
  11. Migration Evaluator – Create a business case for cloud migration

Management & Governance

  1. CloudWatch – Monitor Resources and Applications
  2. Managed Grafana – Powerful interactive data visualizations
  3. Managed Service for Prometheus – A fully managed Prometheus-compatible monitoring service
  4. AppConfig – With AWS AppConfig, make updates to application configurations at runtime.
  5. Auto Scaling – AWS Auto Scaling enables you to quickly scale your entire application on AWS
  6. Chatbot – ChatOps for AWS
  7. CloudFormation – Create and Manage Resources with Templates
  8. CloudTrail – Track User Activity and API Usage
  9. Compute Optimizer – Recommend optimal AWS Compute resources for your workloads
  10. Config – Track Resource Inventory and Changes
  11. Control Tower – The easiest way to set up and govern a secure, compliant multi-account environment
  12. Console Mobile Application – Access resources on the go
  13. Distro for OpenTelemetry – Collect correlated metrics and traces
  14. Health Dashboard – View important events and changes affecting your AWS environment
  15. Incident Manager – Automated incident response plans in AWS Systems Manager.
  16. Launch Wizard – guided deployment of enterprise applications
  17. License Manager – Set rules to manage, discover, and report third-party license usage proactively
  18. AWS Management Console – Web-based user interface
  19. Managed Services – Infrastructure operations management for AWS
  20. OpsWorks – Configuration Management with Chef and Puppet
  21. Organizations – Central governance and management across AWS accounts.
  22. Proton – Manage your infrastructure so developers can focus on coding.
  23. Resilience Hub – AWS Resilience Hub provides a central place to define, validate, and track the resiliency of applications on AWS.
  24. Resource Groups & Tag Editor – AWS Resource Groups Lets You Search and Group AWS Resources
  25. Service Catalog – Create and Use Standardized Products
  26. Systems Manager – AWS Systems Manager is a Central Place to View and Manage AWS Resources
  27. Trusted Advisor – Optimize Performance and Security
  28. Well-Architected Tool – Use AWS Well-Architected Tool to learn best practices, measure, and improve your workloads
  29. Service Management Connector – Provision, manage and operate AWS resources within Service Management Tools
  30. Telco Network Builder – Automate the deployment and management of your telco networks on AWS

Media Services

  1. Elastic Transcoder – Easy-to-Use Scalable Media Transcoding
  2. Elemental Appliances & Software – On-premises solutions for video processing and delivery
  3. Interactive Video Service – Managed live video streaming service from ingest to playback
  4. Kinesis Video Streams – Capture, Process, and Store Video Streams for Analytics and Machine Learning
  5. Elemental MediaConnect – Reliable, secure, and flexible transport for live video
  6. Elemental MediaConvert – Convert file-based content for broadcast and multiscreen delivery
  7. Elemental MediaLive – Convert video inputs into live outputs for broadcast and streaming delivery
  8. Elemental MediaPackage – Deliver video to many devices using just-in-time format conversion
  9. Elemental MediaStore – Store and deliver video assets for live or on-demand media workflows
  10. Elemental MediaTailor – Personalize and monetize multiscreen content with server-side ad insertion
  11. Nimble Studio – Accelerate building a cloud-based content creation studio
  12. Elemental Appliances & Software – On-premises media solutions
  13. Thinkbox Deadline – Render farm manager
  14. Thinkbox Frost – Create particle meshes faster
  15. Thinkbox Krakatoa – Render production-grade volumetrics
  16. Thinkbox Sequoia – Point cloud data geometry
  17. Thinkbox Stoke – Particle simulator for Autodesk
  18. Thinkbox XMesh – Optimize animated geometry files

Internet of Things

  1. IoT 1-Click – Trigger AWS Lambda functions from simple devices
  2. IoT Analytics – Collect, preprocess, store, analyze and visualize data of IoT devices
  3. IoT Button – Cloud programmable dash button
  4. IoT Core – Connect Devices to the Cloud
  5. IoT Device Defender – Secure your fleet of connected IoT devices
  6. IoT Device Management – Securely Manage Fleets as Small as One Device, or as Broad as Millions of Devices
  7. IoT Events – Monitor device fleets for changes and trigger alerts to respond
  8. IoT ExpressLink – Quickly and easily develop secure IoT devices
  9. IoT FleetWise – Easily collect, organize, and transfer vehicle data to the cloud at scale.
  10. IoT Greengrass – Deploy and run code on your devices
  11. IoT RoboRunner – Optimize robotics automation
  12. IoT SiteWise – Data driven decisions in Industrial operations
  13. IoT TwinMaker – Easily create digital twins of real-world systems to optimize operations
  14. Partner Device Catalog – Curated catalog of AWS-compatible IoT hardware
  15. FreeRTOS – FreeRTOS is an IoT Operating System for Microcontrollers

Machine Learning

  1. Bedrock – Build with foundation models
  2. SageMaker – Build, Train, and Deploy Machine Learning Models
  3. Augmented AI – Easily implement human review of machine learning predictions
  4. CodeGuru – Intelligent recommendations for building and running modern applications
  5. Comprehend – Analyze Unstructured Text
  6. Comprehend Medical – Machine learning to extract insights and relationships from medical text
  7. DevOps Guru – ML-powered cloud operations service to improve application availability
  8. Elastic Inference – Deep learning inference acceleration
  9. Forecast – Amazon Forecast is a fully-managed service for accurate time-series forecasting
  10. Fraud Detector – Detect more online fraud faster using machine learning
  11. Entity Resolution – MMatch and link related records with easy-to-configure workflows
  12. Kendra – Highly accurate enterprise search service powered by machine learning
  13. Lex – Build Voice and Text Chatbots. amazon cloud server
  14. DeepComposer – AWS DeepComposer allows developers of all skill levels to get started with Generative AI
  15. DeepLens – Deep Learning Enabled Video Camera,amazon cloud server
  16. DeepRacer – Fully autonomous 1/18th scale race car, driven by machine learning
  17. HealthLake – Making sense of health data
  18. HealthOmics – Transform omics data into insights
  19. HealthImaging – Store, analyze, and share medical images
  20. Lookout for Equipment – Detect abnormal equipment behavior by analyzing sensor data
  21. Lookout for Metrics – Accurately detect anomalies in your business metrics and quickly understand why
  22. Lookout for Vision – Identify defects using computer vision to automate quality inspection.
  23. Monitron – End-to-end system for equipment monitoring
  24. Panorama – Enabling computer vision applications at the edge
  25. Personalize – Amazon Personalize helps you easily add real-time recommendations to your apps
  26. Polly – Turn Text into Lifelike Speech
  27. Rekognition – Search and Analyze Images
  28. Textract – Easily extract text and data from virtually any document
  29. Transcribe – Powerful Speech Recognition
  30. Translate – Powerful Neural Machine Translation
  31. Deep Learning AMIs – Deep learning on Amazon EC2
  32. Deep Learning Containers – Docker images for deep learning
  33. DeepRacer – Autonomous 1/18th scale race car, driven by ML
  34. Inferentia – Machine learning inference chip
  35. Apache MXNet on AWS – Scalable, open-source deep learning framework
  36. PyTorch on AWS – Flexible open-source machine learning framework
  37. TensorFlow on AWS – Open-source machine intelligence library

Front-end Web & Mobile

  1. Amplify – Frameworks & tools and app services—for developing, building, testing, and running mobile and web apps
  2. API Gateway – Build, deploy, and manage APIs
  3. Location Service – Securely and easily add location data to applications
  4. AppSync – Real-Time Data Sync Using GraphQL for Mobile & Web Apps, Online or Offline

End User Computing

  1. WorkSpaces Family – Virtual desktop services for every use case
  2. AppStream 2.0 – Stream desktop applications securely to any web browser
  3. WorkLink – Enable secure mobile access to internal websites and web apps

Business Applications

  1. AppFabric – Connecting SaaS applications for better productivity
  2. Connect – Amazon Connect is a contact center that enables engagement at any scale
  3. Dash Cart – Empower consumers to shop with efficiency and ease
  4. One – Contactless, palm-based identity service
  5. Pinpoint – Engage Users via Email, SMS, Push & Analytics
  6. Supply Chain – Supply chain management application
  7. Just Walk Out technology – Checkout-free retail technology
  8. Chime – Amazon Chime is a communications service that transforms online meetings
  9. Wickr – Secure communication with end-to-end encryption
  10. WorkDocs – Secure Enterprise Storage and Sharing Service
  11. WorkMail – Secure Email and Calendaring Service
  12. Alexa for Business – Empower your organization with Alexa
  13. Chime SDK – Real-time communication for your applications
  14. Simple Email Service – Email Sending and Receiving Service
  15. Pinpoint APIs – Flexible mobile SMS and push notifications
  16. Chime Voice Connector – SIP trunking and advanced telephony features
  17. WorkDocs SDK – Secure file collaboration and management
  18. Honeycode – Build mobile and web apps without programming

Contact Center

  1. Connect – Omnichannel cloud contact center


  1. Sumerian – Build VR, AR, and 3D applications


  1. Managed Blockchain – Easily create and manage scalable blockchain networks
  2. Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB) – Fully managed ledger database

Game Development

  1. GameLift – Deploy and Scale Session-based Multiplayer Games
  2. GameSparks – Build, optimize, and scale customizable game features
  3. Lumberyard – A free cross-platform 3D game engine, with Full Source, integrated with AWS and Twitch
  4. GameKit – Deploy and customize game backend features directly from Unreal Engine

Quantum Technologies

  1. Braket – Service for exploring, evaluating, and experimenting with quantum computing
  2. Quantum Solutions Lab – Collaborate with quantum computing experts


  1. IoT RoboRunner – Build applications that help robot fleets work together seamlessly
  2. RoboMaker – Develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications


  1. Ground Station – Communicate with satellites