Hybrid Cloud DR

Enables the backup and recovery of remote machines on a cloud-based platform.

Project Overview

InfloSec Sdn Bhd is an Innovative “IT Solutions Provider” company. They render IT Services which helps their clients to design, deploy, migrate and operate their workloads very efficiently and leverage maximum ROI. They wanted to build a traditional DR center, enterprises need to build or rent equipment rooms and invest lots of manpower in maintenance and testing.

InfloSec Sdn Bhd


Information Security, IT Service




The biggest challenge of hybrid disaster recovery is managing the distribution of application sets between on-premises and cloud environment.


Manage application sets between on-premises and cloud environments.


Providing a more reliable platform to avoid disasters incidents in future.

Change In

Changing technology, information and data in a proactive way.


Providing enhanced protection in order to avoid attacks.


Business Continuity

A company will never lose access to their critical data and applications

Data Insurance

This provides a great deal of data security

Reliable Replication

Helped to create real-time replicas of companys’ data and store them away, making data disaster-proof.


With unparalleled recognizability, computerization, and knowledge in one stage cloud master has the best answers for your concern.

Simplified Environments

Azure Site Recovery made it simple to monitor enterprise workloads across hybrid and cloud.

Security Controls

Helped safeguard company’s backup environment with built-in security for hybrid and cloud and compliance.

Reduced Complexity

Reduced costs of deploying and scaling on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure.

Extended solutions

Worked with a preferred backup provider to strengthen company’s backup and disaster recovery strategy.


CloudExperts was picked as a partner by KeySight Technologies because of its demonstrated history of great help, scalability and a rationalist attitude to AWS Cloud Infra Deployment.

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CloudExperts provide Cloud DR Solutions allowing you to focus on getting your business back on track following a disaster.