Connecting IoT and Digital Twins urban environment

Connecting IOT and Digital Twins urban environment

The rapid urbanization at main cities in the world turns challenging to make the town more sustainable and habitable, upgrade metropolitan planning, and advance functioning tactics must adjust. The COVID-19 pandemic changes a lot of vision and policy towards the formation of the future city. The more focus on people habitable by connecting with a resilient urban atmosphere.

The public and private combination coming together to push revolutionary solutions and make a significant change in our way of living. With other partner co-operation, Microsoft makes the innovative transformation of our cities and localities worldwide, providing extensive support of IoT, cloud management, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. 

Top IT solutions can ensure by manipulating AI-driven technology, providing social security, and a continuous solution to the surrounding problems, including waste recycling, data management, and traffic jams. In the eve of 2020, IDC marketplace admitted the most effective cloud disaster recovery platform, a leading IoT application platform for intelligent cities, emphasizing its secure, mature, and exclusive offer of Azure IoT, Artificial Intelligent, and Digital Twins facilities.

On the other hand, Guidehouse insights also categorized Microsoft as the best intelligent or smart cities platform suppliers. They emphasized Microsoft Azure’s high extensive capacity for smart city solutions and service providers. Mainly Microsoft focus on delivering new technology innovations. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital twins enable interconnected resolutions that drive innovative and incredible intelligent cities.

Digital Twin:

The Digital Twin is an incredible concept for the modern world. It is a virtual model of a physical product, technique, or scheme. It is an upgraded method to connect the city with modern technology using the most up to date sensors to gather real-time data regarding a physical item. 

The data is then utilized to provide a digital replica of the article, enabling it to be realized, examined, exploited, or optimized. In previous, the concept of digital twins was conventional to the Urbanist.But the popularity of digital twins is rapidly become popular since the rapid rise of the IoT, widely consider can be suitable for practical use to manage the modern city.

The digital twins have other terms, including virtual prototyping, hybrid twin technology, virtual twin, and digital asset administration. The digital twins are more adopted and collect more real-time data by embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big data, Cloud Management, and IT services.

It allows the corporation to generate a new concept solving the complicated problems humans cannot tackle, future prediction of crisis and manage before happening, and monitors and makes the proper secure city.

Toward Linked Urban Environment:

The digital twin’s concept is a digital model illustration of a real-world environment that manages the city’s core with real-time data from sensors and different data sources. It can make extraordinary city administration and make the city governance committee’s optimum decision with data integration and visualization from across the city. 

The city administration is already intimate with the 2D and 3D models and computer-aided design for yours. The inclusion of tactical data from IoT devices, GPS, weather, traffic, mass-movement, and other origins have been a change-maker for urban development and actions.

Azure Digital Twins platform permits modeling and providing digital prototypical of interlinked environments like building, factories, farms, energy networks, railways, stadiums, and towns—this help to connect with nature that integrates IoT and data sources. 

Microsoft team has another significant project named Digital Twins Definition Language (DTDL), which offers resilience, ease of use, and amalgamation into the Azure platform. Azure maps offer geospatial solutions, including access to real-time traffic, public carriage, and weather details.

Other Cloud Platform on the Management of Smart City:

Google Cloud Platform does not provide a definite solution as an AWS platform. It utilizes glp cloud service with closed machine learning and Tensor Flow to expand and manage digital twins

IBM Cloud Platform on Smart city:

IBM Cloud Platform is also leading to manage o smart city. IBM cloud develops REDton’s IoT solution. It covers-

  1. Crowdsensing: Offer extensive equipment for citizens and stimulate them to the engine.
  2. Comfortable Urban areas: Residents will gratify with the productivity of city administration.
  3. Rank and resolve: Focus on the main points.
  4. Establish a smart city: Take the proper step to solve the critical problems.

Oracle cloud platform on Smart city:

Oracle cloud also introduced the idea of the smart city. Their project comes named Proxima city. It provides provision on the OCI platform, leveraging the GPU shapes based on the OCI platform, leveraging the GPU shapes based on the latest Nvidia Volta 100, and VM photos ready to run. They provide an interconnected development environment to prepare datasets and create DNN models.

Urban Infrastructure plans:

Digital towns are more focused on a data-driven approach from preparation to accomplishment. It handles operating city infrastructure, development, planning, visualization, and imitation to make better and livable cities strengthen shareholder collaboration and citizen engagement.

Bentley systems:

The Bentley system provides the architectural and engineering solutions to design, build, and handle much of the earth framework. In the modern world of architecture, the computer-aided design (CAD) data is the most efficient for planning, executing, and operating significant foundations, such as street and rail networks, public works, and service. This platform using geometry and descriptive data of a project and its conditions as the source of truth that motivates daily decisions around its life expectancy.

 The Azure Digital Twins Bentley can integrate real-time IoT data, permitting Twin users to conceive the useful information, time-series data, and analytics in rich contextual 3D and 4D models and show future pictures at a glance. Bentley’s open cities planner can utilize the ultra-modern simulate to build an accurate and useful 3D geometric model of current Infrastructure and linked with engineering data to perform 3D spatial assessment and visualization during all the framework lifespan of the town

Bentley systems Org and Microsoft recently making an MoU for making a better and excellent infrastructure of digital twins for much more development of the smart city.

Smart Streetlights focus framework for smart city development:

Smart Streetlights are the core infrastructure for a smart city, including a combination of the LED light. On the other hand, the brilliant light will consider the most prominent technology to tackle the higher carbon emission level to turn a low carbon economy. The smart light will manage humankind’s most significant property, such as public safety, air quality, atmosphere monitoring, connectivity, EV charging, and car parking.

Table: Schreder features


It is incredible management of smart light platforms working in more than 70 countries worldwide, and the core theme is intelligent lighting as the backbone of a city. The Schreder EXEDRA is the sister concern of the Schreder focus on cloud-native smart light management. Making Smart Cities using IoT:

In 2014, the University of Messina in Sicily researchers had introduced a benevolent project to make a smart city. As a result, they summarize and make a conclusion for making a better city by improving traffic, optimize energy consumption, and prevent crime from town for the area of 0.65 million people.

The Openstack observing service, review, and examine the measured data to manage the IoT application at this project. The researcher’s name this IoT framework as Stack 4 thigs. It accumulates real-time data and employing at network virtualization, and the system offers it Infrastructure as a Service(IAAS) like facilities from a pool of IoT devices.      

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